Braselton Seventh-day Adventist House of Prayer

My house shall be called a house of prayer



Prayer Meeting - Tuesday Nights 7:00 pm
Prayer Meeting - Thursday 4:00 pm
Prayer Meeting - Saturday 9:00 am
Bible Marking Class - Sunday at 2:00 PM
Potluck Luncheon- 1st Saturday of each month following church services.
Communion services- April 20, 2024 ; July 20, 2024; October 19, 2024

Upcoming Events:

Youth Revival: IN BUT NOT OF

Understanding the Christian’s True Identity in This World

1) Friday, 5/3 at 7:00pm
What is worldliness?

2) Sabbath, 5/4 at 11:00am (Divine Worship)
What are the Fiery Darts?

3) Sabbath, 5/4 at 2:00pm + Q&A session
How Can I Experience Conversion? (Personal testimony)

About the Speaker
Pastor Ruben Caro, originally from the Los Angeles, California area, found his calling at 16 when he dedicated his life to Jesus. This commitment led him to full-time ministry, involving canvassing and Bible work, before serving as a pastor in the Texas Conference for over six years. Passionate about revival and the return of Jesus, Pastor Caro has also been married for 13 years and is blessed with two daughters.
He is a contributor of Amazing Facts online bible Q&A and served as a speaker for the Winsconsin campmeeting 2022.